Creative Tech Owl offers local computer repair services. No matter what computer issue you may be facing CTO has the expertise to diagnose, assist, and fix your tech issues. Many larger big box stores don't have the time or expertise to focus on the various issues you may be facing. In fact, most of the time, your PC is sent out for repair to the original manufacturer which can take weeks if not months to get returned back to you. At CTO, special attention is given to every computer that walks through the door. Some key elements that set Creative Tech Owl a part is communication and simplification of the root of the problem explained in layman’s terms. Computers are not much unlike a vehicle. There are many parts inside that can breakdown and that will eventually require maintenance through repeated use. Anything mechanical is finite not infinite. Extended longevity can be achieved by regularly updating your drivers, BIOS, and keeping your hard drive clean of corruption and viruses. Understandably, not everyone has the time or knowledge to stay on top of the game. That’s where CTO comes in to help. Whether you have a sudden problem that has arisen or you are in need of a general tune-up; give Creative Tech Owl is here to help. Give us a hoot!

  Computer Repair   

We provide computer repair services without the hassle of leaving the home or business. We provide in home or business technical support and computer pick up and drop off services with no additional charge to you within 15 miles of our locations.

Laptop Screen Repair

Creative Tech Owl can fix your broken laptop screen at an affordable rate. Perhaps you left your headphones resting on the palm rest of your laptop and closed the lid, maybe you stumbled over the laptop charger cable on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or one of your children smacked the screen with a Lego block; just a few of the scenarios we have encountered. We are hear to help! Give us a hoot.

   Network Support

Having internet or connectivity issues? We are so reliant on our devices and the web it is hard to imagine a world without connectivity. We can help! We come to you and provide in home network support and take the headache away so you can get back to business.

       Virus Removal

If you've unwittingly entered a malicious site and accidentally downloaded a virus or malware, you are not alone. There a ton of bait sites out there waiting to lure in innocent victims and steal their sensitive information. We have the experience and knowledge to rid your computer of any virus, adware, ransomware, and malware. Were here to help so give a hoot!


      Data Recovery

Creative Tech Owl specializes in data recovery. You may be beating yourself up for not backing up your computer before your hard drive failed. Hope is not all lost, in fact 95% of the time we can recover all or most of your important files. Don't panic and give us a hoot, we can help!

Computer Tune Up Services

Have you been tapping your fingers waiting for your computer boot up or load a program? Just like an old car a PC needs general maintenance from time to time. We can help by adding some pep back to your sluggish PC. Some but not all services we offer include data management, junk file removal, malware removal, windows updates, and driver updates. Stop wasting precious time and give us a hoot!

          Since 1993

How It All Started: From the Owner

It was a winter day and outside my house on the beach, an owl sat there for over 12 hours straight without a movement. I was able to capture an image of the snowy owl you see now. I pondered what this owl was doing there for so long and what it was waiting for. Whatever it was, this owl was certainly patient. The owl was also free. The owl taught me something just from mere observation. Be patient and seek freedom towards something that makes you happy. Creative Tech Owl was born shortly after. I am passionate about helping others with technical services and enjoy what I do. Whatever tech service you need the wise old owl can help get it done. It's symbolism lives in the daily working of Creative Tech Owl.