Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does Creative Tech Owl provide mobile device repair and services?

In most cases yes. We can help with android and ios devices. We do not repair hardware related issues with phones and tablets such broken screens or failed batteries.

How much will services cost?

We are up front with our costs but don't publish them online because our rates vary and are subject to change. Rates are by the hour and there is a large variable in possibilities with potential issues. Please call/text 207-619-2776 or fill out our contact form to inquire about rates.

If I have a computer repair issue and it can't be fixed will I still be charged?

We charge a small minimum charge for diagnosis. A proper assessment can usually be made within an hour or less. We will determine whether a repair is feasible or not.

Why should I choose Creative Tech Owl over other tech service companies?

Well...simply put we can help for less then our competitors and provide in home and business support. If you love to wait in a line and have your computer gone for days then all the power to you. For all the rest, check us out.

Does Creative Tech Owl have a retail store I can go to?

We have drop off locations in Scarborough, Old Orchard Beach, and South Portland. However we do not list these addresses since is all is by appointment. 80% of the time someone will be there. Please call to set up an appoint and an address will be provided.

Can you fix our issue(s) in our home or does it require a drop off?

This all depends on the problem and how long it will take. If we need to order parts and operate on your computer we will need to take it with us for repair or have you drop off. If your issue is small and takes a  reasonable amount of time, we will perform the fix in the home or business.

My computer is old, Is it worth it to fix?

This all depends on the severity of the issue. We will let you know if it's worth it after a proper diagnosis.

Do you provide remote access support?

Yes, we can remotely login to your computer and provide support with no additional cost to you.